Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a list of complete and very practical answers. Don’t forget, our experts are best placed to answer your questions.
How to get a Class 7 learner's licence?
To get your Class 7 learner's licence, you need to pass the basic knowledge exam, the signs exam and a vision test. You're going to want to prepare for the exam by studying the Saskatchewan Driver's Handbook and taking the interactive Online Practice Quiz
What is the cost for the course?
The high school driver education course have no cost. Students will be responsible for covering the cost of validating their learner’s license. For Adult programs please Contact Us.
What is 6 & 6 program?
SGI 6 & 6 Mandatory Driver Education (for adults) provides the student with 6 hours of in-class instruction and 6 hours of in-car instructions. (For high school students 30 hours of in class component and 6 hours in car component).
Do you use your car or my car for driving instruction?
For driving training, we use our vehicles because they are up-to-date and mechanically fit to drive with dual break, certified inspected, and fully insured.
Do you rent your vehicle for road tests?
Yes, we provided our vehicles for road test depending on the schedule please contact us.
When do I receive my certificate of completion?
Once a student has completed all 12 hours, which includes 6 hours in class and 6 hours in the automobile, they will receive a certificate.(There is no certificate provided to high school students).
Do you offer driving lessons on weekends or evenings?
Yes, we offer the lessons on weekends or evenings and statutory holidays.
How can a student find out if they have an in-car driving lesson scheduled?
Occasionally, driving instructors will call students to fill their schedules or reschedule their drives based on their availability. FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. (The driver education bulletin board at their school will have a schedule displayed. During their in-class instruction, students are informed of the position of the bulletin board. Students can also get the driving schedule from the school office staff. Typically, schedules are published two weeks in advance).
What does a student need to do to prepare for an in-car lesson?
A valid learners licence (class 7) must be carried by the student. Our vehicles are pet and smoke free, and students must be dressed appropriately for weather and we also pick student from designated location. Students must have any additional items required on their license to legally drive a car (for example: glasses or contacts).
What should a student do if they are scheduled for an in-car lesson and cannot drive at the time?
If a student is unable to drive at their appointed time, they must notify their instructor as soon as possible, giving at least 24 hours notice. For high school students ( Instructors can be reached at the school, at the school office, or at the phone number listed on the school's driving schedule. If a parent or guardian calls to clear a student for normal classes, they should also mention that the student will be missing a drive so that the school's administrative staff can send this information on to the driving instructor).
Is the student expected to drive on weekends or during school vacations?
Some teachers will schedule drives on weekends and during school holidays. The instructor schedules these drives by calling the student's home or meeting them at school. If a student is unavailable or unwilling to drive on a weekend or holidays, they will be assigned to the next available place on the school schedule.