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Eighteen+ Years of Professional Driving Experience
Fifteen Thousands Plus one on one Training Hours
Years of Professional Teaching Experience (Europe+Canada)
Two Thousands Plus Licences Passed in first attempt

Are You Ready?

Throughout the surrounding area. Leap professional driving school has a reputation for providing safe and considerate driving education. Wherever you live in the city, you will experience a relaxed, pleasant, and encouraging environment as you begin your driver's license and learn to drive with our skilled and friendly local driving teachers.

  • We are familiar with all of the various exam routes.
  • We provide high-quality, low-cost services.
    With each lesson we assess the progress of the students and provide appropriate recommendations.
  • Students will learn practical ideas and strategy for passing the road test in first attempt.
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate students' availability.

Our Students Says

Excellent5.0 Based on 1438 reviews from review us onLuke PetersLuke Peters ★★★★★ Ifti the GOAT.fuhad aboladefuhad abolade ★★★★★ Mr. Ifti is an exceptional driving teacher whose expertise and patience make him stand out. His clear communication and step-by-step guidance instill confidence in his students, helping them become safe and skilled drivers. With his calm approach, Mr. Ifti creates a comfortable learning environment where students can ask questions and learn at their own pace. His dedication to ensuring his students understand not just how to drive, but why certain techniques are important, sets him apart as a truly outstanding driving instructor. I highly recommend Mr. Ifti to anyone looking to learn how to drive with competence and confidence.kavitha shanmugankavitha shanmugan ★★★★★ Ifti is an not only an excellent driving instructor but an outstanding teacher too, he explains all the concepts really well and ensure that you understand the topic. I really recommend his classes for all the students who are not only experienced but also new to driving.Thank you!Mohammad RusrusMohammad Rusrus ★★★★★ Ifti , He is a great driving instructor. always makes sure that everyone understands everything related to driving skills and basics. He also asks about ways to improve teaching methods, which shows the extent of his interest in developing teaching methods to be easy for everyone without complexity, and gives space and time for any questions from students. He always had a good sense of humor and was always willing to help. I would definitely advise any student to choose him because he is the most reliable I have ever had.Romeo PinedaRomeo Pineda ★★★★★ Ifti was my driving instructor for my lessons. He is a very welcoming and kind person, which made every class and drive enjoyable. Overall, the experience I had here left me confident and ready to get my license.Juan TrujilloJuan Trujillo ★★★★★ Arri AlmeidaArri Almeida ★★★★★ ifti is the best driver instructor!Howells IhedinachukwuHowells Ihedinachukwu ★★★★★ Brooklyn BrissetteBrooklyn Brissette ★★★★★ Mason ProkoschMason Prokosch ★★★★★ Very good teacher, helped me with everything I needed and was an amazing personSophia RoseaneSophia Roseane ★★★★★ Iftie is an excellent driving instructor! Super smart, funny, and patient. I had a great time in his class and driving lessons and I learned a lot.David NanDavid Nan ★★★★★ Ifty is a great teacher. He is very fun to be around and drive with. He has a good balance between learning and having fun. I always felt engaged while he was teaching.joseph nanjoseph nan ★★★★★ Ifty is a great instructor, really knows how to teach and keep your attention. Definetly recommend for people who want to learn how to driveLawson OjongLawson Ojong ★★★★★ The instructor is very knowledgeable, patient, and would elaborate on any asked questions as many times as needed to make certain that everyone understood and are satisfied with the response. He is very friendly, fatherly, and keeps everyone participating by individually calling them by their names.Nyaomi WagnerNyaomi Wagner ★★★★★ Ifty is awesome and I am so glad that he is my driver instructor because he is very experienced, a great teacher, funny, and really nice!:)Logan EisnerLogan Eisner ★★★★★ Such a great teacher! So glad I got to experience being in his class. I had a lot of fun!Erin NienhuisErin Nienhuis ★★★★★ Ifti was a great teacher! He was encouraging no matter what, and was always happy. Every drive his car was clean and he brought a good, happy energy to the car. I’m so glad he taught me!Merhi YehiaMerhi Yehia ★★★★★ Mr. Ifti Khan is an exceptional driving instructor. He offers a comprehensive curriculum with an emphasis on safety. The lessons are very helpful with real-time feedback. I highly recommend him for anyone looking to learn driving.Lolers2121Lolers2121 ★★★★★ Ifti is the best!Rya ToupinRya Toupin ★★★★★ labonkitybonklabonkitybonk ★★★★★ The classes make sense and the drives are funmalena.gymnastmalena.gymnast ★★★★★ Ifty is a great driving teacher, and very funnyTurboSoggy 69TurboSoggy 69 ★★★★★ Derek ObamwonyiDerek Obamwonyi ★★★★★ Ifti is a very good and nice teacher. Always making funny jokes making the experience more enjoyable. I really learned a lot from his class.Dena PDena P ★★★★★ Ifti is a great driving instructor. He was always sure that everyone understood what he was teaching, and always made sure everyone was having the best time. He would also ask for ways to improve his ways of teaching, which showed just how much he cares about each of his students. He taught very valuable lessons and took his time making sure all his lessons were top notch. He was always on time for his classes, always had a cheerful attitude, and was always ready to help. Definitely the most dependable teacher I have ever had.Nancy McCreaNancy McCrea ★★★★★ Ifti is a great instructor! My daughter passed her road test on her first try. Very personable and professional.Elijah BuhlerElijah Buhler ★★★★★ Class was very informative, perfectly laid out. Driving with Ifti was great, very low stress. Super fun experience .Rowan NachtegaeleRowan Nachtegaele ★★★★★ JillJill ★★★★★ Ifti is an exceptional driving instructor. His kindness and clear instruction create a comfortable and enjoyable learning environment. His wonderful sense of humor not only makes the lessons more engaging but also eases the nerves of any new driver. What sets Ifti apart is his patient and pressure-free approach. He provides incredibly detailed information, ensuring that you thoroughly understand each aspects of driving. Without a doubt, Ifti is the best choice for anyone looking to learn how to drive. Thanks to him, my experience has been both educational and fun, and I couldn't recommend him for highly!Sophia GarciaSophia Garcia ★★★★★ Sophia EdrosolamSophia Edrosolam ★★★★★ Great drive!James ConnorJames Connor ★★★★★ Very good driving schoolJames SzydlowskiJames Szydlowski ★★★★★ Owen 88Owen 88 ★★★★★ Ifti is greatNate GeorgetNate Georget ★★★★★ Kaleigh KrogstadKaleigh Krogstad ★★★★★ Mr. Ifti is a good, informative instructor who does a good job of making the learning experience fun.Mahdi RezaeiMahdi Rezaei ★★★★★ Mr. Ifti is a very good trainer, he is calm and patient and his instructions are very good, clear and transferable and he gives good examples. He has a great sense of humor to make the experience much easier. I gained more self-confidence and comfort with driving and road anxiety. Thank you very much Mr. IftiYoga NarasimhanYoga Narasimhan ★★★★★ Mr. Ifti Khan is a good driving instructor who took my theory class. It was very informative and very fun-filled. I strongly encourage her to take a class with him.Marc DuranMarc Duran ★★★★★ Ifti is a great and friendly teacher, whenever I make mistakes he reassures me instead of yelling, he is also very comical which is also great, definitely a teacher to remember!Mr. TieMr. Tie ★★★★★ JakeJake ★★★★★ Ifti is an amazing driving instructor, he is funny and very good with helping you learn more about being on the road. He makes drivers training comfortable and is very polite to you.Ravi LuisRavi Luis ★★★★★ Suzanne FortugnoSuzanne Fortugno ★★★★★ Ifti has been the driving instructor for 3 of my teenaged children, and I hope he will teach the rest of my children also! As a parent, I really appreciate Ifti's ability to manage a classroom, to connect with every single person (unbelievable talent!), to make sure my children are prepared for driving on their own, and make the whole experience enriching and rewarding. I know that my teenagers are in good hands when I send them off to drive with Ifti!Elena FortugnoElena Fortugno ★★★★★ Ifti was a great driving instructor! I was nervous but he was reassuring and very professional. He made my driver training fun and enjoyable while making sure I was well prepared for the road!Isabella PedersonIsabella Pederson ★★★★★ great class, ifti is amazingMax ClaytonMax Clayton ★★★★★ we love ifti ❤️SebastianSebastian ★★★★★ Ifti Khan is an amazing instructor.DomheeemDomheeem ★★★★★ DominionDominion ★★★★★ Very good vibes and keeps the drive entertaining! 👍🏾Pheadra ToyPheadra Toy ★★★★★ Very goodDemi AkinmoyeroDemi Akinmoyero ★★★★★ Great man , great personality ,pleasure to be taught by himMaverick RowlettMaverick Rowlett ★★★★★ Really good driving instructor.Clavin111Clavin111 ★★★★★ really niceAshley IfeAshley Ife ★★★★★ A prefect way to learn how to drive. Ifti is so kind and funny and just a great person to learn from. He makes driving way more comfortable and has a very safe and welcoming environment to learn in!Azeem UsmaniAzeem Usmani ★★★★★ Excellent customer service !!Brianna DuncanBrianna Duncan ★★★★★ Tasanee PrakTasanee Prak ★★★★★ Ifti Khan is an excellent driving instructor. Very good teaching in the classroom and while driving.nina heislernina heisler ★★★★★ Perfection!Vian Judette DiazVian Judette Diaz ★★★★★ Ifti Khan is an amazing instructor. He’s incredibly patient, reassuring, and knowledgeable. He prioritizes everyone’s safety and his humour allows people to feel comfortable and confident while driving. For learner drivers, he’s the best choice, and I highly recommend him!passing asteroidpassing asteroid ★★★★★ Coben TaylorCoben Taylor ★★★★★ The owner of leap driving school so great and so nice. He is an amazing driving teacher and I extremely recommend doing your drivers training with them!cj macnabcj macnab ★★★★★ It’s been a pleasure to have ifti to be my drivers ed teacher.vxdaisivxdaisi ★★★★★ Fidel Samé TrobakFidel Samé Trobak ★★★★★ Ifti was a great instructor, his instructions and tips for proper turns were very clear, he's very nice and he was great for a recommended driving instructor.Bushra NazirBushra Nazir ★★★★★ This teacher person very nice and wonderful teach in a good wayUzoma MaledoUzoma Maledo ★★★★★ Coming from Nigeria to Canada and having to do all the road tests, learn new rules to driving and meeting new people had me nervous. Thankfully though, Ifti as my driving instructor made me feel welcome and home. He was careful with me and I was able to pickup what he was teaching me. Thanks to him I learnt so much about the different driving laws and am now a much better driver than when I started. Thank you Ifti!The Victorious One1The Victorious One1 ★★★★★ Ifti is a rly social guy so all our drives are never boring. He knows how to teach and how to adjust if someone is having a harder time learning. He is a hard working man and has a positive influence on people.Samuel AdeyemiSamuel Adeyemi ★★★★★ Mare YaldaMare Yalda ★★★★★ Arshak ArshakArshak Arshak ★★★★★ I really enjoy driving with ifti hes the best driving instructor.Micah PritchardMicah Pritchard ★★★★★ It’s good 👍Eli KachurEli Kachur ★★★★★ Very intresting, learn how to drive, fun!Sofia HyraSofia Hyra ★★★★★ Ifti is greatRoy AbdoRoy Abdo ★★★★★ He is funny and a good teacherana bana b ★★★★★ parie johalparie johal ★★★★★ Really good instructor. My father got his classes from him and he passed first try.Lea AbdoLea Abdo ★★★★★ Ifti is a great instructor, very pleasant and fun learning experience.Dominick RollestonDominick Rolleston ★★★★★ Chiney KilianChiney Kilian ★★★★★ Had a very good experience with Ifti Khan. He is a good instructor. He was friendly, patient and professional during my driving lessons. I would recommend him to everyone.Harris SarwaryHarris Sarwary ★★★★★ Great teacher with wonderful humour.Amuri SefuAmuri Sefu ★★★★★ Ifti is a good teacher and good experience to learn fromJaxen IfeJaxen Ife ★★★★★ Ifti Khan is an excellent driving instructor who understands both how to make driver training both fun and entertaining while also getting the proper lessons across. No matter the situation Ifti keeps calm and directs students how to carefully handle difficult situations during a drive while pointing out any potential issues or faults in an easy to unpack yet effective way. He also provides imperative insight in regards to improving one’s driving condition in a fun and easy to listen to manner. Ifti is the best driving instructor an aspiring driver could ask for.Trisha KupserTrisha Kupser ★★★★★ Very good teacher. Easy to understand, patient, and funny. 10/10 experience.Denae ReiberDenae Reiber ★★★★★ Phenomenal!!! The very best driving school in all of Saskatchewan. No complaints, and I’ve only ever heard good things. Amazing <3Belle MinersBelle Miners ★★★★★ Amazing teacher, kind, feel welcomed always, well informed and gives helpful feedback. Very good experience overallZephoriteZephorite ★★★★★ BEST DRIVER TRAINER EVER!!!!!!!!CorazonCorazon ★★★★★ One of the funniest teacher I’ve met, and I was very satisfied with my time learning to drive with Mr. Ifti Khan.Winfielda McKenzieWinfielda McKenzie ★★★★★ IokKadIokKad ★★★★★ Ifti was an exceptional teacher and made driving a great experience rather than a scary experience for me. The theory classes were designed in fun and immersive ways, making the learning process much easier for anyone who is willing to learn. Ifti pays a lot of attention for what the students lack in driving ability and never fails to give constructive criticism. All in all, the classes were awesome and I would take them again if I could.O Ifti foi um professor excepcional e fez dirigir uma ótima experiência em vez de uma experiência assustadora para mim. As aulas teóricas foram elaboradas de forma divertida e envolvente, tornando o processo de aprendizagem muito mais fácil para quem tem vontade de aprender. O Ifti presta muita atenção ao que falta aos alunos na habilidade de dirigir e nunca deixa de fazer críticas construtivas. No geral, as aulas foram incríveis e eu as faria novamente se pudesse.raphael ewejobiraphael ewejobi ★★★★★ Ifti is a really good examiner. He is patient, professional and very cooperative.Anuli NwumeAnuli Nwume ★★★★★ So grateful to Mr. Ifti Khan for his amazing driving theory lessons. He is an interesting teacher and he delivers the course material in an easy to understand way.Titta AntonyTitta Antony ★★★★★ I recently completed an online training class at Leap Professional Driving School Ltd., conducted by Mr. Ifti. I must commend his teaching style, which was both engaging and informative. The sessions were well-structured, and Mr. Ifti's expertise in the subject was evident throughout. His ability to keep the class interactive and answer questions with clarity made the learning experience truly exceptional. I highly recommend Mr. Ifti and Leap Professional Driving School Ltd. for anyone looking to enhance their driving knowledge.chizoba nwumechizoba nwume ★★★★★ Mr Ifti Khan is a great teacher, being in his class for only four days felt like he had taught me for 12 months. He is funny and makes you feel relaxed in class, he carries everyone along.Melita AlvaMelita Alva ★★★★★ Outstanding Online Driving Classes with Mr. Ifti!My husband and I recently had the pleasure of attending Mr. Ifti's 8-hour online driving classes hosted by the Global Gathering Place, and I must say that it was an exceptional experience from start to finish.Mr. Ifti's teaching style is remarkable. He has an incredible talent for breaking down complex concepts into easily digestible information. Throughout the sessions, he provided clear explanations, abundant real-life examples, engaging video illustrations, and even incorporated quiz sessions to ensure our understanding, making it not only informative but also enjoyable.The comprehensive coverage of the Driver's Handbook was outstanding. I am confident that the knowledge I gained from these classes will be invaluable when I take my road test in the near future.Nwume MichaelNwume Michael ★★★★★ Excellent teacher, great communicator and with in-depth knowledge of the driving training. I appreciate the driving theory training i received from the instructor Mr. Khan.Nicola HarrisNicola Harris ★★★★★ Ifti Khan is an excellent teacher! He knows what we need to focus on in our driving and makes sure we really get it. We could see that his main focus is safety at all times while driving, and he ensures participants feel educated by the end of the course.Preston DodgePreston Dodge ★★★★★ haya baqihaya baqi ★★★★★ Shahzaib ArshedShahzaib Arshed ★★★★★ Sophie BrechtSophie Brecht ★★★★★ Ifti is an amazing driving instructor. He has a great sense of humour and he manages to make driving easy.js_loader

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We care about our students' success and we want you to feel confident and safe behind the wheel! Our aim is to develop confident, safe and competent drivers on our roads, lowering accident rates and making Saskatchewan a safer place to drive! We provide SGI-approved Driver Education Courses, Private One-on-One Lessons, and Refresher Lessons where we can help you improve your driving skills.

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We aim to provide training that includes a combination of knowledge, skills, and capabilities.


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Below you will find our Four most popular packages
6 Hours in Class (Only)
SGI Requirement Mandatory

  • 6 hours of in Class Learning (Online or In Person)
  • Instructions on visual search patterns
  • Timing, real and potential hazards
  • How to implement IPDE
  • After completing the course, you will obtain a certificate

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6 hours in Car (Only)
SGI Requirement Mendatory

  • Private In-Car Instructions (One on One)
  • Pre and Post Lesson follow Up
  • Free Pick Up and Drop Off (Flexible Timeing)
  • Built up your Confidence to be safe and smart drivers
  • After completing the course, you will obtain a certificate

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6 hours in Class & 6 hours in Car ( 6 and 6)
SGI Requirement Mandatory

  • 6 hours (online or in person) in class training
  • Review SGI Driver's Handbook
  • 6 hours behind the wheel (One on One)
  • Free Pick and Drop Off ( Flexible Timing)
  • Certificate will be awarded upon completion of the course

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Brush up Lessons
Road Test Prep Extra Lessons

  • Comprehensive Training
  • Multilingual Services
  • Get ready for the road test
  • Hassle free pick up & Drop off at your convenience
  • Best Prices in Town

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