High School Drivers Education

All-Inclusive programs provide the student with 30 hours of in-class and 6 hours in the car, with all class materials.


During the school year, the in-class component of the Driver’s Education program consists of 30 hours of learning. The Driver’s Education course may be provided on a limited basis during the summer months. The following is a list of the topics covered in the 30 hours in-class component:

  • Review SGI Driver’s Handbook.
  • Tools for reading traffic.
  • Vehicle familiarization.
  • Write a learner exam and vision test.
  • Drugs and alcohol driving.
  • City highway and grid road 
  • SGI Programs
  • Final Exam

In-Car Component

The Driver Education Course’s in-car component consists of six one-hour periods of instruction. This element of the curriculum takes place during the school day, including unassigned times, lunchtime, and after school.

Leap Professional Driving School provides vehicles, for driving with dual control, bonded, fully insured, pets, and smoke-free. The following is a list of the topics covered in the 6 hours in-car component.

  • Vehicle Familiarization & Timing. 
  • Use of Controls, and Residential Driving
  • Introduction to City Driving
  • Highway & Freeway Road Driving
  • Driving in moderate / heavy traffic
  • Review and Preparation for a Road Test

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